What is Lexplore?

Lexplore is an innovative rapid reading assessment that can track and obtain a student’s reading level in just 3 minutes. Teacher-friendly and easy to use, our high-tech eye-tracking technology helps teachers quickly identify who in their classroom may be struggling with a reading disability in order to help them boost their reading ability to or above grade level.

The test is administered individually and conducted on the computer. A tracker records a student’s eye movements throughout the test, and an audio recording of the entire test is made. Our high-tech method that is backed by diligent research explores and evaluates how various cognitive systems work together during the reading process, including word decoding, reading comprehension and reading fluency. The data collected by the test allows teachers to make critical placement and resource allocation decisions based on the reading proficiency of their students.

Starter Package For Small Schools & Private Providers

Our starter package includes an eye tracker and license, external monitor and stand, Lexplore tote, software subscription and portal access for one year (for up to 100 students) for $1,975.00. The annual subscription automatically renews after one year for a total of $995.00.

To learn more about our starter packages, or if you have a question about modifying your subscription, give us a call at (646) 494-6627.


Large School Districts

Your district serves so many students with varying abilities and focuses. Your software should reflect that. Our starter package was designed to fit smaller providers out of the box, with additional customization for larger or more complex situations like a full school district.

To learn more about packages for your specific situation and our customization abilities, please request a quote below or, if you would prefer to speak with a specialist, give us a call at (646) 494-6627.

The Software

Click the image below to take a peak at how Lexplore software works.